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Movement Building

Large-scale change is happening at a pace never before seen in history. The convergence of technology, activism, empowerment and story-telling can create a flywheel, accelerating societal change.

These new strategies can be transformative for a cause or a company, and big goals require big thinking.  We're experienced movement builders, with the tactical focus to guide aspiring movements in their quest to reach ambitious goals.

We want to help you change the world, or your corner of it. Let's talk about it.

Peer Activation

Social, P2P or team fundraising are all names for the same concept: harnessing the power of your supporters and their networks to scale your impact.

At their best, P2P campaigns center around a passionate desire to make an impact on a problem or cause, and then “recruit” supporters with shared interest in the cause or in honor of the friendship with the original project sponsor.

Peer Fundraising campaigns provide powerful leverage for your always-too-busy development team.  There are proven strategies for recruiting and equipping peer fundraisers to support your cause. Let's talk about it.

Giving Days

If you're a fundraiser, you're seeing news about giving days everywhere.

And the excitement about giving days is for good reason - when done well, they have all the excitement and engagement of a great party, while they build awareness and donations for your cause.  And like a great party, the secrets to Giving Day success combine great planning with a little magic.

We've worked on some of the country's most successful giving day campaigns, and we can help you determine if participation in a giving day makes sense for you and then how to make it an event to remember.  Let's talk about it.


Transformational Innovation

Few organizations or companies commit to the risk and resources that are required to transform their growth trajectory and impact.  Most fall into a trap of investing in “incremental” innovation.  Research has found that transformation depends on a commitment to groundbreaking/transformational projects. They experiment, iterate and shift with speed and determination toward opportunities with 10x, rather than 10%, potential. 

We'll help you identify your 10x opportunities and the iterative approaches that can lead to your breakthroughs.  Let's talk about it.


The most exciting evolution of the economy in the past ten years is crowdfunding. But crowdfunding is simply a new name for one of the oldest forms of investing and fundraising.  Throughout history, communities have come together to support others where there was need or opportunity. Crowdfunding is the 21st century version of this age-old process for harnessing the power of a crowd.

Crowdfunding today sits at the intersection between online communities and capital, social engagement and giving. And it is more than just a strategy for one-off projects; it can be a core strategy for sustainability. Let's talk about it.

Monthly Giving

The most important donors to any nonprofit or school are the committed givers that make you a priority by giving each year. So how can you build a base of recurring donors?  One of the hottest trends in philanthropy mirrors a trend we see in consumer purchasing: the growth in subscription giving.

Subscription giving is when a donor sets up a monthly recurring gift. It is the fastest growing segment of online giving, up 27% in 2012 across all nonprofits in Blackbaud’s study.

According to the Millennial Impact Report 2013, 52% of millennials are interested in giving monthly.  Are you implementing a subscription giver program? If not, it’s time to get started. Let's talk about it.